About Us

Our Missions

Here at Zoo Chateau, we strive to impart as much knowledge on our guests as possible about our animals and the topics surrounding animals. 

There are two things that we educate our guests about when they come to visit all of our resident animals: rescuing and responsibility. 

Rescuing: Many of our animals come from poor situations or shelters. Many of our animals were abandoned due to different reasons and we have adopted them to give them their forever homes. Although not all of our animals come from shelters, we support our local shelters and the movements to provide more animals with better opportunities every chance we get. All of our animals that are not from shelters are referred to as our "ambassador animals" because they help to bring people to Zoo Chateau and help us teach people about the importance of caring for animals and the rescue opportunity that are available. Before going to a breeder for a dog, cat, or even unique critter like a turtle or a rabbit, check out your local shelter to see if you could save a life! 

Responsibility: All animals take a lot of time, effort, money and sacrifice. Here at Zoo Chateau, the welfare of our animals is our top priority. We love sharing with our guests both the incredible things that are involved with owning animals but also the downsides, hardships and time commitment that accompany those wonderful things. We believe that owning an animal is a huge decision and that before anyone makes that decision that they should know exactly what responsibility that is going to take. 

Please let us know if you have any questions about our animals or our missions here at Zoo Chateau. We look forward to sharing our sweet animals with you in the near future!